Gaun Khane Katha

Padkincha Barood

I’m awake not at day, but all night,
with tears streaming,
I stare at a shooting star,
hoping for my wishes to come true,
In dreams I see a shining path,
with my steps guiding me,
Just behind me,
Darkness is not far behind,
I try to calm my racing heart,
to no avail, it drums - exhausted,
This load of worries is hard to set down,
at the cliffs I stand out of breath,
like a sheared lamb, I am,
bleating, mewing,
only I am the listener of my sorrows,
while my ‘sarangi’ plays,
Not a Bird,
Not a Storm,
I am flight,
Neither upwards,
Nor downhill,
I am resilience,

As a target, I enter the line,
I have none to call my own,
A bullet does not see a brother’s chest, friend,
nor a mother’s lap,
There will come a time, an instance,
chaos will ensue,
Blood, not water, flows,
through these veins,
Gunpowder explodes, oh sparks stop whispering

A song of woe we offer to the steeps
(Euta thadi bhirlai)

Two banks of Karnali, The river binds to one
The road seeks our homes and the river courses to our havens
In the gales of monsoon that harbors erosions and tears
In heart relishing yet pricking blossoms of these flowers
In specs of clouds, and greens of grass in mud and harvest of these slope
In ploughs of our fields and straps of our load
On the shoulders of mountains with letters we exchange our accounts
Along shelves and hearths where we cook and in empty plates that lie before
In the foot of the river, and the streams that it holds, and
In muddy ripped shoes that binds our feet
Two banks of Karnali, The river binds to one
Who has time to delve on it?
A song of woe we offer to the steeps

Working with singer Ram Narayan Thakur, Gumki player Gopi Chand, and Dholak player Lalit Jha.

Working with Dramjen player Phurpu Chhewang Tamang.

Working with Singer/Dramjen player Thille Sherpa.

Working with Sarangi player/Singer Prakash Gandharva.

Working with Hari Govinda Ranjitkar (Master Drummer).

Working with Tharu Community.