Composer, Lyricist, Music Producer


Jason Kunwar is an award winning film score composer, multi-instrumentalist and ethonomusicology scholar and a writer. He is mostly known as frontman of neo-school folk band Night. He has worked as a film music composer for over 15 (both national and international) films and more than 20 short films and documentaries. His works include "The Black Hen", for which he won the Best musical score award in 2016 at the 2nd Annual "Asian World Film festival" held in ArcLight, Culver City, California. He has performed at various international music festivals namely, WOMEX 2017, Poland, Shambala Festival 2015, 2018 UK, Sharq Taronalari, Samarkand Uzebekistan, 2015 with his band Night. In 2021, he has released a fiction novel ‘Ramite’ as a part of his multimedia project by the same name.